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Major Supermarket Boycotts Goods from Israeli Settlements

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Yesterday’s post concerning Israel’s slow onslaught towards the Palestinian people concluded by noting that Israel’s atrocities would soon be ending. The world’s people are waking up to the injustice and are set to rise together and make Israel stop.

These words make for a warm, gushy sentiment, but without something concrete it’s hard to visualize exactly where I’m coming from.

As if answering my calls, one of the UK’s biggest grocers – The Co-Operative Group – announced it will be ending trade with any company that exports produce from illegal Israeli settlements. Wow!

The move was welcomed by Palestinian human rights campaigners saying it was the first time a supermarket anywhere in the West had taken such a position.

The Co-op was quick to point out how this wasn’t not a boycott against Israel as a whole, just a trade ban on anyone directly involved with Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

It may be a small step, but it’s still moving forward. Money talks, and hitting businesses in the pocketbooks can be one of the most effective ways to enact political change.

As more of the international community follow suit and a significant chunk of Israel’s trade partners dry up, the State of Israel will have no choice but to capitulate to the will of the world’s people and finally cease their crimes against humanity.

Israel Bans Boycotts

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Upon seeing another Israel post, you might be thinking, ‘Oh.. great. He’s ripping on the Jews again.” But my ire is not provoked by people of Jewish faith specifically, but rather, the State of Israel itself.

The government of Israel has perpetrated heinous human rights violations for decades, and want to continue to do so. This is why they just outlawed boycotts against Israeli institutions.

Rather than, say, not incarcerating and starving a few million Palestinians, the Israeli establishment finds it much easier to write laws that stifle any protest.

To heck with free speech if it risks upsetting the status quo! While your at it, why not just declare someone the king of Israel forgo the whole charade of elections?

Israel has clearly gone off the deep end. It’s time for the world to increase the pressure and ramp up economic sanctions. We need to collectively tell Israel ‘We’ve had enough of your nonsense, already.”