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Americans Want Wars to End, Congress Not Listening

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

A consensus has been building within the American population: the vast majority of them want less war and they especially wish the invasion of Afghanistan was already over.

However, in a recent vote of 303-113, US Congress decided to prolong the occupation of Afghanistan through 2014. If the United States is supposed to be a representative republic, who the hell is Congress trying to represent? Certainly not the people.

Instead, Congress, much like the rest of America’s two-party dictatorship, caters to whoever holds the most sway. Which in this case are corporations entrenched within the war industry, flourishing off the massive military endeavors they pay Congress to authorize.

This charade cannot continue for much longer. The American people, much like the world’s people, are awakening to a new reality.

Corporations may be able to buy most of the US’ political spectrum, but there is still something money cannot buy: the power that comes from millions of pissed off humans coordinated into action.

We saw it in Egypt. We see it with Occupy. And, at this very moment, it is happening in Quebec. Regular people are the new power, all we need is an effective way to work together in large numbers.

Soon, enough Americans will realize that wars are killing their own country and they’ll accept that their government has failed them. Using the same tools as those in Egypt and Montreal, they will rise up in opposition the Military Industrial Complex, growing in size and strength until peace ultimately prevails.

Hooray for Humanity!

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Coordinated acts of civil and corporate disobedience are afoot this week, making for some exciting times!

The fight for Internet freedom reached a crescendo today as major players in the Internet community worked together to spread awareness of emerging Internet-crippling legislation. So effective has this campaign been that companies are now dropping support for one of these bills – SOPA – like it has the plague.

On another front, the uprising which exploded around the world last year to catapult issues like social disparity and income equality into the mainstream dialogue reached new heights this week. Activists have begun to Occupy Congress, taking the fight right to the source of many bad laws.

Whatever comes out of these uprisings, know that each struggle is a victory in itself. The revolutionary spark is infectious, prompting millions of people from around the world to awaken for the first time ever to embrace an engaged and empowered mindset.

What has been done cannot be undone. The further this great social revolution advances, the more apparent it will become that only through unity and solidarity can we wield enough force to actually fix what is inherently wrong with the system.

Over the next few years, magnificent changes will unfold, eliminating injustices that have persisted for thousands of years. So remarkable will these transformations be that the potential of ending all major armed conflicts will be sitting right upon our doorstep.

The idea of world peace by 2020 might seem ludicrous to some. But the rate of at which our species is advancing is unprecedented, and this pace will only grow exponentially faster with each passing day. Huge feats – accomplishments we might think would take decades or centuries to achieve – are becoming more and more likely all the time.

We still have lots left to do, and our work will never really be done. But given where we are today as compared to just five years ago, one can only gawk in awe at the limitless potentials we’ve already begun to unlock.

Occupy Congress Starts Tomorrow

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Just a friendly reminder to all you freedom loving people in the greater D.C. area, Occupy Congress starts tomorrow, January 17th! If you care about the fact that your political system has been failing for decades, now is the time to speak out.

Democracy goes to who ever shows up.

Presently, the corporations and bankers (and their dollars) have been gaining large amounts of our precious politician’s favor. The only way to counter this (without an equal amount of money) is with massive amounts of people power.

So get involved in the people’s uprising. It has never been easier than it is today, and you can help make a better world just by showing up.

Jan 17 2012 – Global Day of Mass Protest

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Boats will rock next year as over a million people worldwide are expected to take part in a protest set to bolster humankind’s uprising to new heights.

Jan 17, 2012 – marking the 4 month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement – room will need to be cleared for 1,000,000 tents in Washington, and a further 100,000 in Tel Aviv, as a day of mass protest is being brought into motion.

With the world’s revolutionary spirit at an all time high, we can expect many more cities and countries to get on board over the coming weeks.

What has already been accomplished over the past 12 weeks is nothing short of remarkable. Like Redditor canijoinin says “Occupy IS effective. In a few months we have: removed millions from banks; put a spotlight on the police state we’re living in; and inspired 2 Congressmen to write Bills ending Corporate Personhood and The Fed. Fuck yeah guys!”

Not to mention a significant shift in the mainstream discourse, along with an establishment that has already exposed just how frightened it is.

So now that the gauntlet has been thrown down, how are you going to answer? Will you shirk your responsibility and hope that the same fools who got us into this mess will get us out, or will you stand up and let your voice be heard?

If camping out is too much to ask, consider joining a march for a few hours. All that is important is that you get involved and be counted. Embrace your destiny as co-creator of a more just civilization.