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Revolution Everywhere

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Mass upheavals have been toppling corrupt rulers all over the world, proving that we the people still have the ultimate power. Unfortunately, whenever the glorious revolution does occur, all too often one evil tyrant will fall only to make way for the next.

What we’ve been missing is a key piece to the puzzle: how do we roll out a functioning democracy over top of an old, broken establishment. Lucky for us, this key to unlocking lasting democracy around the world is in the process of being made right now.

This tool, still embryonic, will be an open-source, upgradable system of people, mechanisms, technology and software that will constantly glean consensus from entire populations to develop better policies and rules of governance. so that we can hold our elected officials to the utmost accountability.

How exactly will this work? That is yet to come, but it will work with the instantaneousness of twitter, the self-governance of forums like reddit, the connectivity of Facebook, while being imbued with selflessness like Wikipedia. Politicians will know what their electorates want, and the people will be involved, knowing their voices are being heard, and watching their leaders respond accordingly.

This democracy-in-a-box will be something that can be implemented anywhere, for any size population – so that when the people rise up against injustice, instead of repeating the old cycle of inevitable hypocrisy, they have this system which can be put into effect and live forever free of tyranny.

It will take a group effort to make this happen, as it will really be a monumental accomplishment to create something of this magnitude. But it’s entirely possible and in many ways has already begun.

Palestine/Israel/Egypt Truce Holding

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

After four days of violence along the Gaza border, tempers have been running hot. But, for which many people are grateful, cooler heads have prevailed and a truce has held up thus far.

With their greatest ally – the United States – spread thin militarily and struggling to delay bankruptcy, Israel is finding itself internationally isolated in one of the world’s most volatile regions.

And while Israel’s duet with America dwindles, Palestinians have been gaining a new protector – Egypt. After successfully overthrowing their government, the Egyptian people have pledged support for Palestine and offered stern warnings against any Israeli aggression.

Plus, ever since they killed several Egyptian police officers in a border clash this week, Israel has been uncharacteristically passive, standing down even with more rockets landing down upon them.

However it has arisen, this ceasefire is inspires much optimism.

Hopefully peace will continue to prevail between Israel and its neighbors, right up to the days when the bulk of our planet’s population has embraced a new global paradigm, seeing borders and religions as separations that exist only in our minds.

We Are All Connected

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

As a great awakening transpires across the entire world, a truth known by some will be revealed to everyone: we are all connected. No human is truly alone. Every single one of us shares inextricable bonds with every other being on the planet.


From a biological perspective, we are all part of the same extended family. All the life we see around us – plants, animals, insects – everything alive stemmed from the same primitive being.

Philosopher Karl Popper frames it quite nicely: “We are all the primordial cell. The first cell is still living after billions of years, and now even in many trillions of copies. Wherever we look, it is there. It has made a garden of our earth and transformed our atmosphere with green plants. And it created our eyes and opened them to the blue sky and the stars. It is doing well.”


From an ecological perspective, our own bodies are extremely interdependent on the world around us. When we breathe, we interchange molecules with the world’s plants. When we eat, energy and atoms from plants and animals become part of our bodies. When we die, our physical selves return to the earth to become part of the next circle of life.

On top of this, every action we take, however miniscule, impacts the world in which we live. A sneeze in a Chinese airport can cause a cold in Brazil. A plastic bottle littered in North America could end up in the stomach of a Japanese sea turtle. An idling vehicle in the UK might magnify flooding in Pakistan.


It’s on the societal level where the most significant transformations – including the aforementioned awakening – are taking place.

The global consciousness, comprised of the world’s interconnected yet independent minds, is opening its eyes for the first time. Soon, as we further our operations as a species on the global scale, we’ll be set free to do incredible things:

  • Our common humanity is being uncovered, and it will soon be apparent how the vast majority of humankind can co-exist without murdering each other.
  • We’ll discover new tools and methods to address global poverty. Then, with our basic needs met, each of us is likely to enjoy a happier planet.
  • New channels of communication will increase awareness of important issues, like the distribution of wealth and the military industrial complex.
  • People power will reign, bolstered by new methods to enforce transparency and ensure democratic governance around the globe.


We already have the means to take control of our world, and make our future everything we want it to be. It’s just a matter of realizing our potential. Like Che Guevara says, “We cannot wait for the apple to fall from the tree. We need to reach up and pluck it!”

A Voice Emerging From The Darkness

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

About 1 in 4 people have Internet access today. Projections show that every second person is likely to be online 10 years from now. Within 20 years, thanks to humanitarian efforts and the declining cost of technology, rudimentary Internet access could be made available to the entire world.

The implications from this will be incredible! For one, every single human will have access to humankind’s extensive knowledge base, helping any ambitious individual realize their true potential.

On top of this, as our globe transitions into the online realm, our species will become increasingly self-aware. The joys and pains from the entire world will be shared and felt by all. As our individual minds become more and more aligned to what the rest of the world is thinking, a global consciousness will emerge.

During this process, one voice – that of the world’s poorest – will continue to grow louder. Words like “we’re starving here” or “we suffer tremendously” will be heard at increasing volumes, prompting an equivalent response from humanity’s inherent compassion.

The world’s people are coming together to heal the world’s people. A more just global civilization is in our future, and the Internet is helping make it happen.

Questioning the Nature of Reality

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

The other day I saw a stimulating documentary called “Quantum Communication“.  In this film, producer David Sereda brings together many researchers and scientists to describe the phenomenon of communicating via the quantum field. While a lot of what came up seemed like pseudo-science and hogwash, some of it was very interesting.

My favorite part was near the beginning when PhD Bruce Lipton said “Every human being is equally powerful in there creative ability to shape the planet.” To me, this was a beautiful sentiment that resonates the kind of empowerment more and more of us will come to embrace over the coming years.

Another interesting part dealt with the research done by Dean Radin who would show test subjects different pictures and monitor their reactions. If the image was pleasant and comforting or scary and threatening, the subjects would respond in various ways.But what the tests also showed was how the subjects would actually begin to react appropriately prior to the image being displayed, anticipating what the image was going to be. It would be interesting to see how replicable these tests are in similar experiments.

Radin’s experiments are a bit of a microcosm of Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project, which found correlations between major global events and shifts in supposedly random number generation. For example, the 9/11 attacks in New York resulted in a statistically significant shift in the number generation, adding support to their theory of a global consciousness beginning to emerge.

This kind of research can be so easily dismissed as nonsense because it opposes our typical world view. But just because the vast majority of us don’t believe it or understand it, doesn’t mean these researchers aren’t on to something.

There was a time when most people thought the earth was flat and resided at the center of the universe. Only because of daring individuals willing to challenge conventional wisdom were we able to form a clearer picture of the nature of reality.

One day we might scientifically prove that there is an ultimate unifying consciousness permeating throughout the entire universe. If we do, much to the dismay of today’s scientific majority and the skeptics, we’ll see how those who espouse such beliefs were right all along.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is an inspiring story about a young African man named William Kamkwamba who built a wind generator from scrap parts to provide  power for his family’s farm. It is an excellent story, following the life of  a young boy growing to become a young man.  We learn of the path he took to attain his remarkable feats, along with the hardships his family and community faced.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

As an avid renewable energy enthusiast who’s built a few model VAWTs , what drew me to this story originally was the creation of a low cost wind generator. Wind power is very abundant, and relatively easy to harness. There is a vibrant Internet community sharing easy Do-It-Yourself plans for very efficient systems, all for free. In the right conditions, a system costing a few thousand dollars could power an entire household.  If you are somewhat mechanically inclined and have the space, check out the open source Lenz2 design for a great starting point.

While my initial goal was to learn more about the windmill, what I found is this book really makes clear the plight of those who live in poverty. Over 2 billion people live in moderate or extreme poverty, and William’s story really brings home what life is like for these people.

Another striking realization reading this book is how these conditions are happening right now.  Without seeing it firsthand, or in this case reading about it, the concept  of global poverty remains abstract… sure it is happening, but it’s not quite real.

Hearing this story, feeling their pain, refuels my desire to rid the world of these conditions… to end the worse forms of poverty on earth so that our species is no longer suffering. I mean, come on people, it’s 2010 already. With every new day, we have more power to help than ever, so what are we waiting for?

Well, the truth is not so much that we are waiting… it’s that not enough people know about or care about the plight of others.  We all have our own problems and our own lives to live so it’s easy to remain oblivious.  But this is a luxury that will continue to evaporate as our world moves forward into a new stage of evolution.

We’ve discussed the Global Consciousness before, which is the interconnection of all human minds, spanning the globe. The Global Consciousness is still a long ways off, but with each step we take fowards, our world becomes more and more able to feel the pain of others.

Modern communication tools, like cell phones and the Internet, will continue to make it harder for us to ignore the plight of those who have it the worst off, making it more likely that someone who is in a position to help will actually help.

Imagine, for example, if you saw a streaming web cam into the lives of villagers going through a famine… you could see their pain, hear their suffering.   The formerly abstract notion of others starving in the world would instantly become real, and many of us would spring to action to help.

Or imagine if on a video-chat site like Chatroulette, you came face-to-face with a starving child begging for food. While some of us could still turn a blind eye, not everyone would flip the channel.  Someone would step up to help.

These are simple examples to illustrate a broader trend.  Thanks to the Internet, our world is becoming more and more self-aware. We will no longer be as oblivious to the pain and suffering of others.

We are forming a new organism, a super-entity, comprised of all the individual humans coming together. The more we come together, the more the pain of others becomes our own, and the more compelled we will be to help out. Like an organism, the world of the future will work to heal itself where it hurts.

Chatroulette – Peer into a baby Global Consciousness

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Chatroulette is a novel site that hooks up random strangers with web-cams.  It is a lot like the site Omegle, but instead of solely text-based chatting, you get audio/video, which is probably why it has exploded in popularity.

The first time I was on, there was less than a thousand people.  Now, there looks to be multiple servers, with over 20,000 people on each.  It is quickly reaching the mainstream, with sites like 4chan, Collegehumor, and popular youtubers spreading the word.

One of my favorite outcomes of this new phenomenon is Chatroulette improv, where musicians (and others) do improv based on their interactions, like the following one by Merton:

After spending several hours on this site, I’m as enthralled as ever… and I can’t help feeling like this is another step towards the next level of human consciousness… the global consciousness.

Global consciousness – the techlepathic link of all the willing people of the planet – is what lies in our future.  It will arise as our abilities to read and write thoughts (thanks to advanced neuroscience) combine with ever expanding networking technologies.  With each step we take towards this new state of existence, we will be stepping towards a more peaceful world… as we come to see the rest of humanity as part of our own extended family.

Seriously, check it out.  It is fun, entertaining, and enlightening.  And as you do, you will, in a way, be like a newborn opening your eyes to the world for the first time.

Note – about 20% of the time it is some guy masturbating, so be prepared for this, and always keep your mouse ready to click on to the next one.