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Extinct, Enslaved or Empowered?

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Navigating between extinction and enslavement, brave humankind could very well avoid both to reach compelling new heights.

Neils Bohr once said that prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future. Despite the words of caution from the pioneering quantum physicist, I’d like to offer you my take on the three potential futures that we, as a species, are facing.

The first is extinction. This is where the human race is no more because we’ve wiped ourselves out in some foolish conflict or scientific mishap. Either that, or the universe conspires to eliminate us using it’s vast arsenal. There’s not a lot we can do to avoid this, apart from building peace instead of war.

The good news, despite what the mainstream media may want us to believe, is that humankind is actually the most peaceful we’ve ever been. (more…)

Highball the 1%

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

There’s a standard business negotiation tactic which has been brought into the realm of politics, used most effectively by right wing conservatives: ask for the stars and settle with the moon. So effective has this strategy been that the entire political spectrum has consistently shifted to the right over the past few decades.

Well, no more. (more…)

Lessig and Hedges: Combating Corporatism

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Today’s offering is a delightful interview featuring two intellectual heavyweights, Lawrence Lessig and Chris Hedges, discussing and analyzing the Occupy movement and how it stands to rival the rise of Corporatism across America and the world.

Some key points:

  • A fraction of 1% of the population own the political landscape in America
  • Corporate forces have gutted opposing institutions, like community, education, and unions
  • Politicians at the State and Federal level are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Corporate State
  • It is this underlying corruption which is stirring the people’s uprising, like Occupy
  • The system could be too broken to fix, and will likely need to be purged
  • This uprising, like a sleeping giant, is only just starting to awaken
  • The pending revolution is imperative for the people to undertake
  • A crucial factor for the revolution is to get the police on side with the protesters


Canadians Must Crush C-11

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Well-funded lobbyists representing the special interests of media giants have, for many years now, been engaged in an all out war against the Internet as we know it. The free exchange of information fostered by the Net represents a threat to their business models. Unwilling/unable to change themselves, these behemoth corporations are looking to change the Internet, even if it means destroying everything good about it.

Here in Canada the latest front in the battle against online liberty takes the form of Bill C-11, a piece of proposed legislation that has already garnered an extensive list of dissenting organizations, representing millions of Canadian voices.

The proponents of Bill C-11, much like those who pushed the outlandish SOPA bill until it was shelved due to unprecedented public uproar, largely consists of Hollywood film studios, major record labels, and other high-level mucky-mucks who earn their keep in the entertainment industry.

Several proposals in C-11 would create what is essentially a digital lock, allowing courts to order websites blocked from Canada without the need for any proof of copyright infringement or due process. In other words, they want the right to censor the Internet on a whim, and to hell with what any of you whiny citizens may want.

Clearly this bill would be a bad thing for the majority of freedom-loving Canadians. Worse still, should this bill pass, it would give the precedence for other countries to follow suit. ‘Look, the Canucks are doing it… we should too!’

If you haven’t already done so, you need to step up to the plate. Write or call your MP, your MLA, and any other politician you can think of. Plead with your friends and family to get involved. Without sufficient backlash from the Canadian people, this bill will pass. And then the next one, then the next one, until the Internet is nothing but a portal to corporate products and their corresponding commercials.

If my words aren’t enough to motivate you, then I’ll leave you with this inspiring call to action from Redditor Stormy_Fairweather:

SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, C-11, TPP, PCIP… the writing is on the wall. Those who would rule are terrified of the internet. They are doing everything they can to choke it, to control it, to bring it under their rule.

We MUST not allow it, for the future of our species, it is time to fight, it is time to overthrow our masters, it is time we stopped being domesticated and embraced the greatness within us. Every man should be his own master, and if we do not make this happen then we will all be slaves.

For Humanity!


That’s Some Refreshing Corporate Branding

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

In ancient times, members of royalty could earn a favorable reputation by tossing a few loaves of bread to the amassed peasants. The Kings of today’s world – corporations – still do this, only they call it “social responsibility”.

Billion dollar corporations – the same ones who aggressively fight stricter environmental policies or enjoy gigantic tax breaks or move thousands of jobs to impoverished places where they can exploit quasi-slavery – will occasionally give back a mere pittance from their massive earnings, all in the name of charity and good-will.

Fauxlanthropy certainly isn’t novel, but in the past few years it has donned a new mask. Marketing Gurus eager to try innovative branding campaigns via social media have come up with a plan: rather than pick the benefactors themselves, they leave it up to us – the public – to select our own favorites via crowdsourcing. This leaves us feeling engaged and involved in the process, while improving the company’s public image.

For example, in 2010 Pepsi started their Refresh Communities project, which is “giving away millions to fund great ideas”.  You’d think most informed citizens would see this as a transparent gesture, even without knowing that the $20 Million they gave away came directly from the money they normally spend on Superbowl ads. But, seeing as the program will be continued through 2011, something must be working for them.

The people at PepsiCo are not alone in their attempts to harness the social revolution. Google had a 10^100 project to give away $10 Million to publicly selected candidates, and Chase Bank gave away $5 Million in a similar contest on Facebook.

How many more companies will hop on this bandwagon remains to be seen. If the “You Pick It” approach gets done too often the novelty risks running out, and corporate decision makers are unlikely to continue if the bang per marketing dollar no longer compares with more traditional advertising. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

Now, please don’t get me wrong here. Great things are likely to arise from these actions and the world is probably better for it. Plus, more power to all of the groups and individuals who won the contests.

What is bothersome is how few and far between these gestures are. And when they do happen, the company is sure to slap their brand all over it. On top of this, when these “generosities” are doled out, the recipients are ultimately approved by the corporation itself.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could force corporations to give back more, all the time?

Well, we can!

These business entities get away with as much as they do because we let them. Human beings are not powerless pawns in the world economy. We have unlimited means at our disposal, if only we use them.

For starters, our dollars speak volumes. Deal only with businesses that do the most to heal the world.

More importantly, we need to empower the world’s people in order to counterbalance the immense force held by these multinational conglomerates. This may seem insurmountable, but the shift has already begun to happen.

Millions of people from around the world who’ve grown discontent towards the corporatist system are waking up to see they are not alone. It is just a matter of time until these disgruntled masses organize into highly coordinated communities.

Then, when this force gets mobilized to action, corporations will face the reality that humans are not simply consumers, and profits will no longer be the only priority for our world.