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Doomsday Averted

Friday, December 21st, 2012

So it appears we wily humans managed to skirt disaster once again. Truly fortunate, seeing as how existing – as opposed to not – is pretty sweet.

For thousands of years humans have been predicting the end of the world. And you know what? None of them ever come true.

Well, it is a fact that all those people did eventually die. But life itself always finds a way to go on.

So even though at any given moment the world and every single one of us could be wiped out of existence in a flash – a reality of being alive as we know it – this persistent potential demise needn’t be feared.

Instead, embrace the impermanence of life so that every second alive is one cherished as precious. This way you’ll be ensured of getting the most out of your time here.

Doomsday Tomorrow

Friday, May 20th, 2011

If you didn’t get the memo, the rapture has been scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday May 21st 2011. The end of days. Armageddon. So if you’re not busy, see if you can pencil it in.

Looking back on it all, we had a good run.

Of course, once Sunday rolls around and we wake up spouseless and houseless somewhere in Vegas, we’ll be reminded of just how ludicrous it is to try and anticipate the end.

Throughout history, humans have been predicting the apocalypse. And you know what? They’ve all been wrong.

Yes, it’s true. Humanity could be wiped out at any single instant in an infinite number of ways. Doomsday could very well come tomorrow.

But fear and doubt won’t stop this.

Nietzsche once wrote that to ponder the world’s suffering is to add to it, since we grow the pool of sorrows with our additional sadness. That is, if we aren’t going to do something to improve the world.

The same holds true for the end of the humankind. If you’re not going to do something to increase world stability, like combat global poverty or promote democracy, then there’s no point in worrying about the end of days.

Your senseless fear, doubt and pessimism only negates essential ingredients for a brighter future, like hope and optimism.

So don’t stress about the world coming to an end unless you intend to do something to stop it.