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Occupy Spring

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Occupy is back! Not that it really went away… t’was just a mild hibernation over winter. Now, with Mother Nature being a little more hospitable, the uprising can switch back into high gear, louder and stronger than ever before!

To kick off this season’s social uprising, scores of protesters retook the famed Zuccotti park, aka Liberty Square, after which dozens were arrested. During the march up to the square, NYPD callously smashed a medics head into reinforced glass, breaking the glass and probably the medic’s skull (video above).

With greater numbers filling tighter-knit communities, weekly marches on Wall Street being planned,  and numerous Occupy-related events being held all the time, 2012 has all the makings for a glorious year of revolution!

Man, what an awesome time to be alive!

Extinct, Enslaved or Empowered?

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Navigating between extinction and enslavement, brave humankind could very well avoid both to reach compelling new heights.

Neils Bohr once said that prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future. Despite the words of caution from the pioneering quantum physicist, I’d like to offer you my take on the three potential futures that we, as a species, are facing.

The first is extinction. This is where the human race is no more because we’ve wiped ourselves out in some foolish conflict or scientific mishap. Either that, or the universe conspires to eliminate us using it’s vast arsenal. There’s not a lot we can do to avoid this, apart from building peace instead of war.

The good news, despite what the mainstream media may want us to believe, is that humankind is actually the most peaceful we’ve ever been. (more…)

Arab Spring 2.0

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Amazing! Upwards of 200,000 people are in the streets of Bahrain in what could be the tiny kingdom’s largest protest rally ever!

The significance of this gathering cannot be understated, as it represents over 15% of the entire population.

Already the protests are proving effective. The government has now dropped charges on a few of the medics who were imprisoned for helping injured activists during earlier demonstrations.

What an inspirational sight! Can’t wait to see who will be next.

Highball the 1%

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

There’s a standard business negotiation tactic which has been brought into the realm of politics, used most effectively by right wing conservatives: ask for the stars and settle with the moon. So effective has this strategy been that the entire political spectrum has consistently shifted to the right over the past few decades.

Well, no more. (more…)

Occupy Hong Kong

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Add Hong Kong to the growing list of places where the people, fed up with persistent injustice, have decided to take a stand against it.

Upwards of 5000 Hongkongers marched in protest today to voice their disdain for outgoing leader Donald Tsang, who faces allegations of corruption and abuse of power.

Awesome stuff! (more…)

An Uprising is Imminent

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Something wonderful is happening everywhere on earth. A people’s uprising is taking place, fueled by millions and millions of people who’ve awakened to see that a better future is entirely possible. Once it reaches fruition, this global social revolution will culminate in a redistribution of wealth and power, essentially liberating humanity from the shackles that far too many of us don’t even know exist.

The medium for this reformation is the online realm, which may soon prove to be the missing ingredient for a lasting freedom on earth.

With the threat of an upheaval looming, the stage is set for a huge struggle for dominance between the bulk of humankind seeking to be free and the system and its leaders desperately clinging to power. Our world’s tiny yet powerful minority (along with their cronies) will do everything they can to prevent their house of cards from toppling.

This means crushing internet freedom using a range of attacks, enhancing the already well-entrenched all-seeing surveillance system, and expanding the increasingly militarized police state, the end goal of which is to trap humans into perpetual servitude by eliminating all means of revolution.

But we wont let that happen now will we?

As long as we can keep our precious internet uncensored, we’ll be able to leverage massive populist sentiment into real political clout. Instantly interconnected social media is fostering what is essentially a real democracy, one that hears all voices and not just those at the top. And when the system caters more to everyone, what we get is a more just global civilization.

The whims and wants of a handful of wealthy tyrants will prove no match for tens or hundreds of millions of engaged individuals working towards a shared goal.

We are, on some level, transcending nationalities and cultures, expanding our own personal identities to include ourselves amongst the global village. One beautiful and amazing side effect of this great awakening will be the eradication of wars. Major armed conflicts will all but evaporate once enough of us see them for what it they really are us fighting ourselves.

With each passing day, what is becoming more evident is that the only enemies left for us to fight are the violent extremists seeking to hurt society and the oligarchs seeking to enslave us, both of which our species will be better positioned to confront the more united and empowered we all become.

Occupy Rages On in Oakland

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

By now you are familiar with the routine: peaceful protesters engaged in non-violent civil disobedience meet armor-clad government-sanctioned thugs. Said security goons escalate situation by confronting and encircling large mobs of unarmed civilians. A clash ensues, tear gas and rubber bullets are fired. Many are injured, and many more are unlawfully detained. Freedom of speech takes yet another blow.

Yesterday this scene was re-enacted in downtown Oakland, as thousands of activists sought to reallocate an abandoned building, turning it into a headquarters, shelter, and symbol of something beautiful. ‘Not on our watch’ was the police response, as evidenced by the video below.

Keen observers will notice something new – the protesters are using makeshift shields along with a loosely followed phalanx formation. No doubt an adaptation learned from being shot at far too many times.

Speaking of an evolving response, cyber-activist group Anonymous released this video, along with the personal information of Oakland’s mayoral office. That’s sure to get someone’s attention.

If there’s a couple things to be learned from this, one, is that the people’s uprising isn’t going anywhere. And two, if you give humans training and a badge, along with a gun and the pretense to use it, you are pretty much guaranteed to see shots fired.

Hooray for Humanity!

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Coordinated acts of civil and corporate disobedience are afoot this week, making for some exciting times!

The fight for Internet freedom reached a crescendo today as major players in the Internet community worked together to spread awareness of emerging Internet-crippling legislation. So effective has this campaign been that companies are now dropping support for one of these bills – SOPA – like it has the plague.

On another front, the uprising which exploded around the world last year to catapult issues like social disparity and income equality into the mainstream dialogue reached new heights this week. Activists have begun to Occupy Congress, taking the fight right to the source of many bad laws.

Whatever comes out of these uprisings, know that each struggle is a victory in itself. The revolutionary spark is infectious, prompting millions of people from around the world to awaken for the first time ever to embrace an engaged and empowered mindset.

What has been done cannot be undone. The further this great social revolution advances, the more apparent it will become that only through unity and solidarity can we wield enough force to actually fix what is inherently wrong with the system.

Over the next few years, magnificent changes will unfold, eliminating injustices that have persisted for thousands of years. So remarkable will these transformations be that the potential of ending all major armed conflicts will be sitting right upon our doorstep.

The idea of world peace by 2020 might seem ludicrous to some. But the rate of at which our species is advancing is unprecedented, and this pace will only grow exponentially faster with each passing day. Huge feats – accomplishments we might think would take decades or centuries to achieve – are becoming more and more likely all the time.

We still have lots left to do, and our work will never really be done. But given where we are today as compared to just five years ago, one can only gawk in awe at the limitless potentials we’ve already begun to unlock.

Occupy Congress Starts Tomorrow

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Just a friendly reminder to all you freedom loving people in the greater D.C. area, Occupy Congress starts tomorrow, January 17th! If you care about the fact that your political system has been failing for decades, now is the time to speak out.

Democracy goes to who ever shows up.

Presently, the corporations and bankers (and their dollars) have been gaining large amounts of our precious politician’s favor. The only way to counter this (without an equal amount of money) is with massive amounts of people power.

So get involved in the people’s uprising. It has never been easier than it is today, and you can help make a better world just by showing up.

Occupy Movement Still Growing Stronger

Friday, January 13th, 2012

You don’t hear much about the Occupy movement in the news anymore. But it’s not due to a lack of news worthy stories. The mainstream news has gone black on the Occupy movement because of what it represents.

See, the same five (5) corporations that produce over 90% of all of our media are amongst those being targeted by the Occupy movement. It is safe to assume that decision makers for these companies will be smart enough to minimize the airspace given to any opposing interests, hence the lack of Occupy coverage.

Yet the people’s uprising has never been stronger. More individuals get involved every day, and those who are already engaged in the process continue to grow more energized and organized.

Take the Reddit group Occupy Wall Street, for example. After three and a half months of consistent growth, membership will breach the 30,000 person mark this week. Along the same lines, the Occupy Wall Street Facebook group now has over 360,000 fans, and the discussion rages on louder than it ever has before.

People really are waking up! It’s a slow process, what with the fierce grip the mainstream media (and other institutions) hold over the social consciousness. But it’s still happening!

The shared vision of a more just civilization has become too real in the minds of too many people. There is no going back now. It’s freedom or bust, and there is no earthly force greater than that of millions of humans working together.