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A United 99% Will Dethrone the Ruling 1%

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

You may have noticed a lot of my blog posts as of late pertain to the 99 percent’s movement to Occupy Everything, but it’s just so darn exciting!  It’s the great awakening, come to North America! An uprising spanning the globe as the world’s people rise up against the few who hold power.

If that doesn’t completely capture your imagination, then what exactly is wrong with you?

Just take a look at this video showing a higher ranking police officer randomly clubbing a crowd of people:

Yes, the brutality is shocking, but notice what happens. The officer gets overwhelmed by a mob of camera wielding, mentally empowered people, and eventually retreats back behind the line despite firing pepper spray into the crowd.

What a beautiful analogy for the transition humankind is embarking upon. The 1 percent’s use of force will only work up to a certain point, after which the mob takes over, engulfing all that stands in it’s path.

And what’s even more inspiring from this clip is the people’s utter lack of violent retaliation. Despite police provocation, the protesters didn’t respond with anything more than chants and jeers. Yes! Stay classy, New York.

Even if these protests fade away – which I sincerely hope they don’t – the movement towards a more just civilization will keep growing stronger. Awareness of real issues, like the distribution of wealth and the military industrial complex, are at an all time high, and dissemination has never been easier.

Soon, really soon – within a decade or two – the uprising will reach a critical mass. The 1 percent’s wealth and power will prove no match for a united and empowered population, and they’ll have no choice but to give in to the demands of the people.

A brighter future for all is just around the corner.

Occupy Everything!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

With America’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and Israel’s continued expansion into Palestinian land, the term ‘occupation’ has been getting a bad rap. But now the term synonymous with war and oppression is fast becoming the rallying cry for a new North American uprising.

It started in New York, as hundreds of activists braved police brutality to Occupy Wall St. Now in their third week, support and publicity has never been greater, with new non-violent civil disobedience sprouting up all across the continent.

In fact, if you do a search for “occupy” plus the name of any major city, you are likely to get a hit. If not, there’s always the Occupy Together site for finding events close to you.

Not to be out-demonstrated by the general public , college students have a walkout planned for tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12 pm. Great to see the next generation of leaders getting involved!

Do you feel angst towards the ineffectual government? Sick of corporations making insane profits while you struggle to make ends meet? Tired of bankers and their schemes to rob trillions from the public?

Well, don’t suffer in silence anymore! Take to the streets and add your voice to the movement. Be an active part of the 99%. With so many protests popping up, it’s never been easier to exercise your democratic rights.