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Police Violated Civil Rights – G20 Report

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Dark days happened in 2010 as security forces caused the largest mass arrests in Canadian history.

Now, a new report confirms what many already knew – during the G20 summit police violated civil rights, detained people illegally, and used excessive force.

The 300-page report finds that “Numerous police officers used excessive force when arresting individuals and seemed to send a message that violence would be met with violence,” continuing on to state “The reaction created a cycle of escalating responses from both sides.”

The report also lambasted the unprecedented use of ‘kettling’, where protesters are corralled by riot squads into closed off areas to be detained and arrested. It is during kettling, where protesters are backed into a corner, where clashes can reach a boiling point and fatalities can occur.

So police were overbearing and essentially silenced attempts at peaceful protest. But what else is there to expect when the government spends 664 million on security? Had nothing happened, the price tag might have seem unjustified.

Still, what is most damning about this entire report is the utter lack of accountability. The authors of the report seem appeased to know their recommendations might be considered by police departments in the future.

But this does little to protect Canadian free speech. How about some firings or fines or something to teach the police a lesson? If anything, the lack of repercussions will just encourage more of the same in the future.

What would be nice to see is a clear message sent to police departments across the nation: do not stifle dissent, do not crush protests, do not silence free speech, do not impede peaceful assembly. Otherwise you will face stiff consequences.

Until that happens, ham-handed security will be free to trample our rights the next time we unite against the injustices of the system.

Update – May 17, 2012 Senior Toronto police commanders are expected to be charged in coming weeks for a variety of misconduct offences over their leadership at the G20 summit in June 2010, according to reports from the CBC.

Awesome! This is more than just a slap on the wrist, or at least it could be.

Canadian Cops Secretly Used “War Time” Powers During G20 Summit

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

When leaders from 20 powerful countries amassed in June for the G20 Summit, Canadians were subjected to the greatest “mass violation of civil rights… in Canadian history” according to a report released by Ontario Ombudsman André Marin.

Ontario legislators modified an antiquated war-time law from 1939 – the Public Works Protection Act, designed to protect public buildings during war times – to give the police the jurisprudence to arbitrarily search and detain protesters near their security fence. This was done without explicitly informing the public that the cops now had martial law to instill a police state surrounding the G20 summit.

Legal suppositions aside, what really happened in Toronto is that dissenting voices were quashed with riot squads serving as the muzzle.

Harper and his party shelled out over a billion taxpayer dollars for this little shindig. Thanks to the overbearing police presence, the world’s elites could relish in their luxuries safe from the scorn of the discontented masses.

While they do set a chilling precedent, the events that transpired in Toronto are far from isolated. This kind of oppression happens whenever we have leaders wielding unaccountable power. Inevitably this power will be used perpetuate a system that keeps them sitting atop, even if it means using force.

So, now we see the violence inherent in the system. COME AND SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN THE SYSTEM!