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Gaddafi’s Gone

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

(You don’t have to go gently into that good night, but you do have to go.)

Libya’s evil tyrant Muammar al-Gaddafi is dead, killed by a mob of angry Libyans after his convoy was demolished by NATO bombs.

A milestone achievement. A clear sign the troops can come back home. A chance for the Libyans to begin a better life. They could certainly use a democracy-in-a-box right now.

But let’s be clear about one thing:

The death of Gaddafi and the Libyan intervention were NOT part of the Arab Spring.

The fall of Libya’s repressive regime came via western powers – Canada, US, France – who divvied up the spoils of war well before Gaddafi was killed.

And therein lies the problem, and why Libya’s revolution differs from the rest of the uprisings.  You simply cannot bomb freedom into a society. It just doesn’t work that way.

An open and free society has to spawn within, from an organic movement driven by the very masses whose voices are neglected by tyrants. Otherwise you could just end up swapping one corrupt government for another.

This great awakening we’ve all be taking part of – that which will bring peace and prosperity to our planet – it won’t come from bombs, guns and killing. Instead, it will arise from hope, community, and a shared belief in brighter possibilities.

While I wish nothing but the best for Libyans in this time of transition, with their new found ‘freedom’ being bought and paid for by outside interests, whatever democracy emerges will likely contain the same corporatist corruption faced here in the West.

Libya’s Looted Gold

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Tripoli has fallen and Gaddafi is MIA. No doubt jubilation has overtaken the country, and rightfully so. But the brave Libyan freedom fighters weren’t alone in their celebrations.

Under the cover of darkness, a highly trained special ops team moved in to secure the Libyan Central Bank, liberating it of its precious treasure – 144 Tons of gold!

And this huge score couldn’t have come at a better time for the world’s gold cartel.

See, global gold handlers have been scrambling to gather up the 350+ Tons of precious metal needed to repay Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, who recalled his nation’s golden treasure just this week.

So now mega money institutions like JP Morgan and Barclays, who are on the hook for the bricks and bullion, can breathe a little bit easier knowing at least some of their obligation will be covered quite handily.

Of course, the bit about special ops is pure speculation. Almost as speculative as assuming Libya’s lucrative oil contracts with China will soon dry up in favor of other countries, like France and the United States, which helped ‘liberate’ the North African nation.

Gaddafi Gone, Assad Next?

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Libyan rebels have taken the capital city of Tripoli and arrested two of Gaddafi’s sons. Reports are claiming Gaddafi has fled the nation.

What fantastic timing! NATO can claim responsibility for the regime change – even though they went there to ‘protect civilians’ – showing the world what can happen if and when they’re given permission to move on to Syria. (The term ‘move on’ is used here loosely, as NATO forces will likely remain in Libya for years.)

Forget waiting to see what comes of the regime change. Who cares if Libya’s new government is as corrupt as the last. Tunisia,Egypt – they’re both flourishing democracies now, right?

Let’s just go guns blazing, or rather, bombs dropping, into Syria. Why bother even considering alternatives when there are lives to be saved by killing people?

NATO Bombs Making Gaddafi More Popular

Monday, July 11th, 2011

It has been 114 days since NATO forces set out to impose a NO-FLY zone over Libya. It has been 112 days since NATO accomplished this mission.

Yet the bombs still drop. And with every new casualty comes a small victory for Gaddafi and his thugs.

“NATO’s bombing of Libyan civilians” says one young Libyan woman (via Peacebuilder Franklin Lamb) has caused Gaddafi’s popularity to skyrocket among our proud and nationalist tribal people. I am one example of this. Yes, of course we can use some new blood and long overdue reform in our government.  Which country cannot?  But first we must defeat the NATO invaders.”

Even France – the country that led the attacks on Libya back in March – has grown tired of the bombings, as Defense Minister Gerard Longuet recently stated that it is time for Gaddafi loyalists and Libyan rebels “to sit around a table to reach a political compromise” because, he said, “there was no solution with force.”

It is time for the war in Libya to stop.

More importantly, it is time for more of us to recognize what is going on underneath the surface: the military industrial complex was given the tiniest pretense for an armed engagement, and they pushing that envelope as far and wide as possible.

The war machine won’t stop on its own. It is up to everyone else to stop it. We need to pull back the reins and make peace happen.

Lies Lead Into Libya

Friday, April 15th, 2011

(‘So it’s settled then. You’ll be the villainous thug and I’ll be the heroic savior, and we split the profits down the middle.’)

The military industrial complex is a formidable entity that exercises fiendish methods to get what it wants. And what it wants is war, and more of it. No matter who is fighting, or where, or for what, as long as armed conflict is being waged, war-profits will coming rolling in.

With trillions of dollars floating around the defense industry, there’s billions in profits to be made, so the war mongers can’t just sit around and wait for more war to erupt on its own. They need to stir the pot and hope that some kind of violence will erupt.

And this is precisely what seems to have happened in Libya – a long, drawn out conflict with muddled objectives and no clear end in sight.

A recent Human Rights Watch report leads critics to surmise that the pretense for intervention was grossly overstated. The justification for erecting a no-fly zone was to prevent a slaughter in Benghazi. Yet, when Gaddafi forces entered other large cities, there was no massacre. This suggests that no such brutality would have been imposed on the citizens of Benghazi, outside of the rebel forces.

Then, if you consider the alarming fact that a leader of the Libyan rebellion is a CIA operative, the motivations behind the intervention become evident: Libya is the new Iraq.

Or at least it will be, unless there’s a loud enough uproar from the general population. This is why it is so imperative that we voice our discontent to the establishment now.

Say no to escalation in Libya! Stand against war. Let it be known that we will not idly tolerate any more senseless deaths or the squandering of precious treasure.