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Another Piece in America’s Proto-Fascist State

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Without so much as a gasp from the mainstream media, a terrifying bill has crept into the lives of regular American people. Now, thanks to a shocking 93-7 vote in the US Senate, the US Armed Forces can legally detain, torture and assassinate US citizens on their own soil.

What the explicit?!!

The bulk of Bill S.1867: the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), is to authorize a whopping $662 Billion for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – which should be enough for millions of Americans to cry out in horror. But it is a subtle rider in the bill – under the counter-terrorism section – which provides the US Government with what amounts to every aspiring tyrant’s wet dream.

So much of the US political field already caters to big business and wealthy special interests, and this is only worsening. The end result is that Americans are less and less likely to have elected officials who represent the average person’s interests.

Combine a degrading democratic system with Orwellian legislation like the NDAA, and your ripe for a fascist take over. Corrupt governments can just label any opposition – any dissent at all – as terrorism or anti-government, and then armed forces will swoop in and shut them up forever.

Why even draft this new law? If the situation was dire enough, the military would just use lethal force anyway, a la Jack Bower. Why give the war industry written permission that specifically allows it to kill Americans? It’s not like domestic terrorism has been on the rise on US soil.

More likely what we see here is the elite positioning themselves for war. They’ve smelled the winds of change, blowing from Wall Street through Oakland on to the world, and it has them quaking in their gilded Guccis.

‘Baton down the hatches. Give the police and armed forces all the tools they need to crush the rebels. We’ll try to weather the storm in our off-shore bunkers.’

Sorry, old-boys. In the world we are in the process of creating, there will be nowhere left for you and your atrocities to hide.

Occupation Interrupted

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

We’re just a few weeks into the North American wing of the international populist movement towards a more just civilization, and already law enforcement is cracking down hard. Hundreds have been arrested in New York – ground zero for the Occupy demonstrations – and now Iowa and Boston can add their names to the growing list of victims of ham-handed security forces.

Silly police brass… don’t they know that arresting people can only add fuel to the fire? Heck, they’ve been gunning down and bombing dissenters in Syria and Yemen, and even that isn’t working. But jailing war veterans? Come on, that’s just begging for an uprising.

If their goal was to silence dissent, they could try what DC Police did, extending the demonstrator’s permit for another 4 months. But even that won’t work. These mass displays are showing no sign of fizzling out. There is too much to be angry about, too many reasons for the people to angrily reclaim their lost power.

No, this movement has only just begun, and no amount of suppression will stop us.


Man, what an exciting period in modern human history. Not since Wikileaks started Cablegate, or when Tunisia and Egypt erupted in successful revolution, have I felt this giddy. This is it! It is really happening. We are who we’ve been waiting for!

Occupy Everything!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

With America’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and Israel’s continued expansion into Palestinian land, the term ‘occupation’ has been getting a bad rap. But now the term synonymous with war and oppression is fast becoming the rallying cry for a new North American uprising.

It started in New York, as hundreds of activists braved police brutality to Occupy Wall St. Now in their third week, support and publicity has never been greater, with new non-violent civil disobedience sprouting up all across the continent.

In fact, if you do a search for “occupy” plus the name of any major city, you are likely to get a hit. If not, there’s always the Occupy Together site for finding events close to you.

Not to be out-demonstrated by the general public , college students have a walkout planned for tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12 pm. Great to see the next generation of leaders getting involved!

Do you feel angst towards the ineffectual government? Sick of corporations making insane profits while you struggle to make ends meet? Tired of bankers and their schemes to rob trillions from the public?

Well, don’t suffer in silence anymore! Take to the streets and add your voice to the movement. Be an active part of the 99%. With so many protests popping up, it’s never been easier to exercise your democratic rights.

VIDEO: Don’t Worry. It’s Still New!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

No matter what you do or where you go, you are guaranteed to be doing something that you have never, ever done before.


Ever feel like you’re stuck doing the same thing over and over, maybe at work or in class or wherever?

Well, don’t, because no matter what you are doing, regardless of where you’re doing it, irrespective of how many times you’ve done it before, it is still new. At any given instant, you are gaurunteed to be doing something that you’ve never ever done before.

Here’s a few reasons why:

To start, just look at your body. You are constantly exchanging molecules with the environment around you, and the cells that make up your body are always dividing and forming new tissues, so you’re never quite the same person twice.

Now consider your mind, it is ever evolving as you age and grow wiser, and the thoughts you’re having at any point in time are always influenced by the world around you.

And the world around you, just like you, exists in a permanent state of transience. Life and non-life are both forever fluctuating, never arranging themselves the exact same way more than once.

On top of this, the earth is orbitting the sun at 30 kilometers per second, meaning you’ve come about 2300 clicks since you started watching this video, but thats only relative to the solar system.

Compared to the milky way, spaceship earth has just flown a whopping 18000kms in the past minute and a half, taking you to untraversed depths of space.

So that’s why your always doing something new, because for every single moment of your life, you are an entirely original version of yourself, and you are forever occupying a part of the universe where no human has ever been before.

As long as you can remember this, you’ll never be bored, and it might even help you to open mental doors of optimism that make anything possible.

World Peace is Coming – new site

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

A new domain has been setup at as a way of organizing all the videos specific to world peace into one area.  As well, this site will be the central hub for the upcoming release of the book “World Peace is Coming”, due out this year.