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NATO Countries Divvying Up Libya’s Resources

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

NATO got the UN’s green light to bomb the shit out of Libya back in March, under the pretense of ‘protecting civilians.’ Since then, the campaign evolved into full blown regime change as intervening forces opted to lend support to one band of armed thugs instead of another.

Now that the old guard has fallen, the real driving force behind NATO’s invasion becomes clear. With the deck being reshuffled, the countries who lent support to Libya’s ‘liberation’ have been scrambling to ensure they get dealt a better hand.

Recently, allegations have surfaced that members from the NTC – the group of rebels who overthrew Gaddafi – promised France 35% of Libya’s oil exports if they lent military support for their coup. And that was all the way back in April.

But like Chris Nineham from the Stop the War Coalition says in this video, the NTC hasn’t won any election. All they did was get enough muscle behind them to oust the dictator, which is pretty much how the guy being kicked out got to power in the first place.

The Libyan people haven’t seen new freedom yet. So far, all NATO has done is swap one crooked empire for another, all the while securing their own permanence for years to come.

But don’t you just know that’s been their primary goal all along.

Sure, whenever nations go to war, defense contractors alone can rake in billions every year. But since you’re going to do all the fighting and killing anyway, you may as well use your military muscle to install puppet regimes and shore up juicy corporate contracts. You’ll get more bang for your buck that way.