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News Media = Al Qaeda

Monday, August 21st, 2006

A terrorist is someone who uses violence or the threat of violence against the public to further their own agenda. When one thinks of a terrorist, it is easy to picture a radical ideologue making a martyr of themselves in a crowded place, which creates an immediate increase in terror due to the violence caused by blowing one’s self up.

However, the lasting effects of such terrorist acts – a heightened state of fear in the minds of the population- is the purpose of terrorism. Instilling a lasting fear is what they do… and these effects are just as significant as the actual act of taking innocent lives, perhaps even more so to those whose lives are not touched directly by the people who are killed.

When a politician uses references to terrorism and terrorist acts, like when they say ‘In this post-9/11 world’, they are using fear to further their own agenda. When it comes to politicians, their agenda is almost always to maintain and gain power, and they do so by scaring the population so that they give up some of theirs.

The mere threat posed by an insecure world is often enough for some people to abandon their rights and liberties, and this power can be acquired by the politicians and used for whatever they want (including policies that make the world even less secure).

Just like the terrorists, some politicians instill an lasting sense of fear into the population in order to further their own agenda.

Even worse is the corporate news media. Except for the weather, the sports, and the occasional “feel-good” piece, the news is always bad news… death, demise, debauchery. Chaos and uncertainty… except the certainty of knowing one will be getting a solid dose of FEAR.

Part of the media’s agenda is to capture the viewers attention, and the news media accomplishes this via sensationalism and fear. By inducing a heightened state of fear, the viewer will be both more inclined to tune in later, to see if the coast is clear and all is safe. But it never will be… the shadow of fear can never be cleared as long as their agenda remains the same.

Just like the terrorists, the news media instills a lasting sense of fear into the population in order to further their own agenda.

Make a note of this:

Politicians and the news media, just like terrorist organizations, use fear to further their own agendas.


Q: Why are they not being punished? Q: Why are politicians and the news media not being labeled as the terrorists that they are?

A: The same reason why many people will have trouble accepting the aforementioned statement: because we are taught (read:indoctrinated) to trust our politicians and the media.

Both politicians and the members of the media can be like any other human – selfish and greedy- and they have no real reason to have anything but the most thinly veiled pretext of concern when it comes to the population that they rely upon.

What’s worse is how politicians and the news media will even work together to compound their fear inducing tactics, with our political leaders telling us their distorted versions of the truth, and having all the news personnel, who, like mindless parrots, repeat what they are told without verifying the integrity of what they are saying.

It is up to those who see how our fears are being exploited to stand up and let our voices be heard. We need to speak out against corrupt, self-serving politicians and the fear-mongering corporate news media.

If we can gain enough support, we can start to restructure the way we receive news, so that unnecessary fear is not the norm. Once the media’s shadow of fear lifted, we can go on to reform our political system into one where peace and justice and the plight of the masses takes precedence over the interests of the elite minority.