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The Movement Won’t Stop

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Just because armor-clad goons can overwhelm non-violent civilians doesn’t mean the Occupy movement – and what it represents – is going anywhere. We may get beaten on, but we will never be beaten down.

As disruptive as these initial clashes may be, don’t be fooled into thinking the educated and enthusiastic protesters spearheading this people’s uprising will be discouraged one single iota. No matter how hard this establishment (and their hired thugs) cling to the status quo, we the people will not quit until the system either bends to our will or breaks completely.

Just the fact that these clashes are happening is a victory in itself. Not for the violence aspect, but for what it signifies, which is that the beacon has now been lit. Something has changed, and we will never go back. What humanity has been hatching has finally cracked its shell. It won’t be long until we break through to fly in a world of limitless opportunity.

Look how the discourse has changed, evident with a mainstream media discussing issues completely taboo just two months ago. Important concepts, like income inequality, social injustice and the influenced wielded by multi-millionaires, are finally getting their due consideration in the social consciousness.

Along with progressing ideas and inspiring hope, these protests serve as a focal point, showing us just how many others share the same dissatisfaction with the way things are. Pretty soon, we’ll discover that the more noise we make, the less politicians will be able to ignore us, which would be a great start in the co-creation of our new global civilization.