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Wind Power Undercuts Gas

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Humans have been careening towards an energy threshold, and it won’t be long until we hit it.

No, I’m not talking about peak oil, although a dwindling supply of the oily crude does play a factor. What I am talking about is the energy parity barrier – the point where renewable energy surpasses fossil fuels for cost and reliability.

The fact that this day will soon be upon us is no more evident than in Brazil, where wind farm operators outbid the competition, including natural gas, to win 78 of the 92 energy auctions.

This is just awesome to see! As long as these trends keep up, affordable energy solutions will soon be within reach for every single human on earth, dramatically raising standard of living across the world!

With our basic needs met, we’ll find it much easier to co-exist without all the senseless killing. We really are on the brink of world peace!

Solar Energy: Cheaper by the Day

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

San Antonio, Texas – When bids came in for a 50MW solar power plant, officials were so blown away by the attractive prices that they decided to scale the project up 8-fold to 400MW.


Why are San Antonio’s municipal affairs so exciting? Because it’s another sign that we’re on the verge of seeing renewable energy take over. No more fossil fuels for us. Green energy all the way, baby!

Now, when our world isn’t so dependent on fossil fuels, there will be one less reason to go to war. And we could certainly use less war in our world.

But affordable energy solutions, as transformative as they will be for us in developed nations, will have a far more profound effect on the world’s poorest.

The price will keep dropping and new developments will keep coming, so renewable energy solutions will be at the forefront of eradicating extreme poverty.

Similar to how much of the African continent skipped the whole phone-line infrastructure in lieu of cell phone towers, impoverished nations will be able to forgo a power grid to have households handle their own energy needs.

And with poverty being a root grievance that leads to violence, the less poverty we have in our world, the more peaceful our planet.

Awesome! =D

12 Tweets for World Peace

Monday, May 17th, 2010
  • World Peace is Coming! It will be here within 20 years.
  • World peace is more than just a dream… it is firmly rooted in reality.
  • Technology is advancing exponentially, bringing us cheaper, better tools sooner and sooner.
  • 3-D printers will fabricate any tool – computers, machines, even more 3-D printers – from nothing but blueprints, energy, earth and air.
  • Renewable energy, harnessed from the earth, wind and sun, will soon provide almost limitless power, for less $ than fossil fuels
  • New technologies will help eliminate the harshest forms of poverty. Finding peace will be much easier when everyone’s basic needs are met.
  • The Internet is a huge force for peace, bringing us together like never before.
  • No longer will we fear other humans as enemies. We will embrace our common humanity, seeing ourselves as One People sharing One Planet
  • The wealth of information the Internet provides can empower the mind of every single one of us.
  • The Net is unleashing the power of global community, and peace will be amongst the improvements we make to our world.
  • It is time to overcome the fear and the doubt. It is time to defeat the pessimism. Don’t fall for the doom and gloom anymore.
  • We have rational reasons to have hope and believe in world peace.
    Great things await us… be part of the revolution of optimism.

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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is an inspiring story about a young African man named William Kamkwamba who built a wind generator from scrap parts to provide  power for his family’s farm. It is an excellent story, following the life of  a young boy growing to become a young man.  We learn of the path he took to attain his remarkable feats, along with the hardships his family and community faced.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

As an avid renewable energy enthusiast who’s built a few model VAWTs , what drew me to this story originally was the creation of a low cost wind generator. Wind power is very abundant, and relatively easy to harness. There is a vibrant Internet community sharing easy Do-It-Yourself plans for very efficient systems, all for free. In the right conditions, a system costing a few thousand dollars could power an entire household.  If you are somewhat mechanically inclined and have the space, check out the open source Lenz2 design for a great starting point.

While my initial goal was to learn more about the windmill, what I found is this book really makes clear the plight of those who live in poverty. Over 2 billion people live in moderate or extreme poverty, and William’s story really brings home what life is like for these people.

Another striking realization reading this book is how these conditions are happening right now.  Without seeing it firsthand, or in this case reading about it, the concept  of global poverty remains abstract… sure it is happening, but it’s not quite real.

Hearing this story, feeling their pain, refuels my desire to rid the world of these conditions… to end the worse forms of poverty on earth so that our species is no longer suffering. I mean, come on people, it’s 2010 already. With every new day, we have more power to help than ever, so what are we waiting for?

Well, the truth is not so much that we are waiting… it’s that not enough people know about or care about the plight of others.  We all have our own problems and our own lives to live so it’s easy to remain oblivious.  But this is a luxury that will continue to evaporate as our world moves forward into a new stage of evolution.

We’ve discussed the Global Consciousness before, which is the interconnection of all human minds, spanning the globe. The Global Consciousness is still a long ways off, but with each step we take fowards, our world becomes more and more able to feel the pain of others.

Modern communication tools, like cell phones and the Internet, will continue to make it harder for us to ignore the plight of those who have it the worst off, making it more likely that someone who is in a position to help will actually help.

Imagine, for example, if you saw a streaming web cam into the lives of villagers going through a famine… you could see their pain, hear their suffering.   The formerly abstract notion of others starving in the world would instantly become real, and many of us would spring to action to help.

Or imagine if on a video-chat site like Chatroulette, you came face-to-face with a starving child begging for food. While some of us could still turn a blind eye, not everyone would flip the channel.  Someone would step up to help.

These are simple examples to illustrate a broader trend.  Thanks to the Internet, our world is becoming more and more self-aware. We will no longer be as oblivious to the pain and suffering of others.

We are forming a new organism, a super-entity, comprised of all the individual humans coming together. The more we come together, the more the pain of others becomes our own, and the more compelled we will be to help out. Like an organism, the world of the future will work to heal itself where it hurts.