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US Assassinates Dozens of Somali Citizens

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

In what the UN calls a violation of international law, American drones have reigned death down upon another 30+ Somali people.

Sadly, this news barely made a blip in our mainstream media. Had foreigners bombed one single American, let alone thirty, the news cycles would have blown up, civil freedoms would be stripped, and security would be tightened across the nation for about 10 years.

But because it happens in one of the poorest countries on earth, it’s as if these lives have no value. (more…)

Long Distance Murder

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Every single day, tens of millions of people risk being executed by foreign governments who rain down death from thousands of miles away.

It is time for this long distance murder to stop. Take action now!

Kucinich: War Gives Taxpayer Dollars to Profiteers

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Dennis Kucinich took the floor this week, once again saying something we don’t hear enough of in the political realm. Namely, that wars transfer billions of dollars from taxpayers into the coffers of the cronies from the Military Industrial Complex.

We don’t need more war in our world.

Remote controlled planes dropping bombs on people in Yemen, Somalia and Libya are not making the world safer. The 10 year excursion in Afghanistan did not bring stability or democracy to the region.

It is time to stand up and speak out against war. Enough is enough. There is a better way forward.