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Canadian Pharma-biz Novartis Bullies UK Rivals

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you’ll have noted that I’m quick to hop on the soapbox to decry corporatism whenever I can. Your probably like… ‘there goes Rick again, lambasting the very institutions our modern societies depend upon to survive. Doesn’t he know we’d die off without them?’

Well, yes, dear reader, I know that corporations are not without their merit, and I am aware that competition and innovation in the business world are great things. So, just to be clear, know that I am not anti-capitalism nor am I anti-business. Instead, understand that I am anti-corporatism, and therein lies the distinction. (more…)

USA’s Secret Prisons

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

One more American torture facility has been uncovered, this time in Poland. Under backlash from the US Government, prominent Poles have revealed damning details of a prison run by the CIA on Polish soil.

A similar CIA ‘interrogation’ program, unmasked in 2009, was being held at an exclusive horseback riding academy in Lithuania. Inmates, suspected of harboring violent intent against the United States, were subjected to various forms of torture including “sleep deprivation, forced standing, painful stress positions.”

Just to be clear, these clandestine prisons have zero public oversight. Most Americans have no knowledge of said places, nor would they authorize such atrocities were it up to them. (more…)

Bill C-30: Yay for Now

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Canadians can breathe a sigh of relief, albeit a temporary one. Bill C-30 – the legislation to give police unwarranted access to every Canadian’s online activity – has been shelved!

Don’t, however, take this as a reason to become complacent. The forces trying to cram C-30 down our throats will not rest, so neither can we. It is up to us to stay vigilant against the encroachment of the police state and further erosion of our freedoms.

On the bright side, at least now we know that our voices will still be heard, as long as we speak up together.

American Freedom Under Attack: Nationwide Strike Called

Friday, December 16th, 2011


A state of emergency has been declared for all freedom loving Americans across the nation. The republic is under attack!

Contrary to popular belief, the most pressing threat lies not with foreign extremists, but rather, from an equally radical homegrown form of tyranny. Like a disease, this danger has been quietly spreading within the very heart of the democratic system which entire armies have fought valiantly to protect.

What is it that stands to destroy the personal liberties and civil rights of every single US citizen? Fascist new legislation – SOPA and NDAA – which gives the US military the right to detain and torture American civilians on American soil without any trial, as well as permitting the US government to shutdown entire segments of the Internet at will.

Scary stuff. These are the kinds of laws power-hungry dictators dream about.

Why are US legislators working to pass such ludicrous bills? Here’s one reason: half of all Americans – that’s one in every two US citizens – are officially living in poverty. Stats like that will not go unanswered for long.

George Carlin says ‘they call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it’. Well, it seems the people are starting to wake up. And what they are seeing is making them mad enough to stir up a revolution.

Certain powers that be already know this, which is precisely why they are preparing the US government for a war against its own people.

This means the opportunity for delay has now ended. Standing on the precipice of a slippery slope, Americans must act quickly or risk losing the opportunity to ever speak out again.

US Congress Takes a Bite Out of Big Brother

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

(Paul/Kucinich 2012! Party politics be damned.)

United States congresspeople voted today not to extend certain parts of the Patriot Act. Great news!

The Patriot Act, if you didn’t know, was the US’s irrational response to 9/11, giving government agencies unprecedented authorization to invade citizens’ privacy without a warrant.

Perhaps today’s decision not to renew is a sign that some rational thought has returned to the US political spectrum. If that’s the case, it may reflect a minor change in the American social consciousness. Could it be… have the US people grown a bit wiser?

However, don’t think the US government is going to stop wiretapping, snooping into the lives of the public, or otherwise annihilating American civil liberties. No, these violations will still occur. It’s just now the government won’t have as much license to do it.

Nevertheless, it’s great to see elected officials take a step away from totalitarianism. We need to keep this up.  Just as big brother tries to sneak in bit by bit, so too do we need to stay vigilant when ensuring our freedom.

Power to the people.

TSA Body Scanners Damage Human DNA

Friday, December 17th, 2010

As if the threat of totalitarianism weren’t enough, now it turns out that the full body scanners used for screening in airports cause significant damage to the DNA of those being scanned and those who operate the equipment.

Researchers from the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico show how the radiation emitted by the TSA’s scanners “may significantly affect the natural dynamics of DNA, and thereby influence intricate molecular processes involved in gene expression and DNA replication.”

Forget that these new security measures are not very effective, what with all the 12″ razor blades and loaded guns getting through. We already knew most of these new steps amount to security theater, anyway.

But here we have a concrete reason for everyone to protest against these scanners: THEY ARE DAMAGING OUR GENETIC MAKEUP!

Security checkpoints that alter our DNA. Is there any greater threat to future generations? Yes…these toys.

FBI Agents Foil Their Own Terrorist Plot, Again

Monday, December 13th, 2010

This week, drawing from the Military’s “Manufacture Your Enemies” playbook, the FBI have foiled another terrorist plot masterminded by the FBI themselves, in what has become a pattern.

That’s right, an American government agency has been coercing US civilians to take part in terrorist actions. When their patsy ultimately takes the bait, the FBI swoops in then boasts to the world about the terrorist plot they’ve successfully thwarted.

It seems absurd, doesn’t it? Government agents framing and entrapping their own population… which Orwell novel are we reading here?

What is perhaps more unnerving is the overall lack of dissent over this. Here is another huge red flag that tyranny is descending upon North America. Yet too many people remain unaware, disinterested, or worse, they believe the FBI’s latest shenanigans to be one more necessary step in the struggle to keep Americans safe.

Fortunately we aren’t all that oblivious.

A growing number of us know what can happen when governments, corporations and the system gain too much power. As our numbers grow, so too do our tools to unite, coordinate and mobilize. The threat of totalitarianism is looming, but the means to fend off this threat is blossoming as well.

Let’s be optimists, and believe that humankind will rise to the occasion to ensure an open future for all!

Today’s Trip Towards Totalitarianism: Google Caves to the likes of RIAA

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Google has catered to the likes of RIAA and other DMCA douchebags by removing terms that relate to copyright infringement from the auto-complete feature.  They also expedited the process to issue DMCA takedown notices.

Not really a big deal, feature-wise. Now you just have to type in the whole phrase yourself instead of having Google do it for you. Pirates will still be able to find what the same content, but it makes it less likely that non-pirates will stumble upon copyrighted material.

But this change is a big deal when it comes to precedent. Google already has a tarnished record when it comes to cowing down to pressure from influential institutions, like when they catered somewhat to China’s dictatorial demands.

Now, here we see Google capitulating to the whole anti-p2p movement – a litigious movement which critics say protect obsolete views of intellectual property in order to maximize profits for the big corporations (and their shareholders) that sit atop the mainstream entertainment industries.

Yes, Google has taken just taken a minor step. But it is still ONE MORE STEP!  Everyday, more and more rights are being stripped from us. Everyday, this big beast called totalitarianism clamps down on our world.

German citizens, recollecting Germany after the rise of the Nazi’s, would speak to how fascism set in. A small step here, a new restriction there. Never enough to really cause a riot. Just more each day for a few years,  until the government’s power crossed a threshold – the tipping point – and then it was too late. Out of nowhere, fascism came crashing down on them like a bear trap.

The establishment had all the means in place to easily quash any rebellion. The people were under complete control and they had no choice but to comply. An entire population was at the whim of the system and those who sat atop.

This is what can happen to our entire world if we aren’t careful. Forces are working diligently to make totalitarianism happen. It’s not even just the the Illuminati or the Bilderberg group or whatever secret society you want to name.

Totalitarianism can breed from within any of us.

Any mother who thinks more safety precautions are a good thing because they will make us safer. Any father who caters to irrational fears and mindlessly trusts a system to protect his family and keep them safe. Any one of us who doesn’t want to accept responsibility and accountability for our own lives and would rather just let someone else do it for us.

Fortunately, not all forces are working to instill Big Brother’s police state. One force that can (and will) counterbalance totalitarianism is the power that comes from humans uniting. We are coming together as a species, like never before, and the forces we are unleashing will keep totalitarianism at bay.

Humans are capable of remarkable things. We are starting to come together, and we will rise up against oppression to make world peace and a brighter future a reality.

Don’t stop the backlash against the TSA. The fight is part of something bigger.

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Yesterday protesters held what they called an “Opt-Out” day, where air travelers who were selected to submit to a full body scanner would opt-out of the screening process. The protest has been called a flop, since most travelers opted out of the protests instead of the scanners, leading the TSA to feel as if the public has already spoken.

But just because most people didn’t protest doesn’t mean they are happy about it. It just means most people will shut up and take the abuse if it means reaching their destination on time.

And as disappointing as these protests may have been, a positive note is how this latest erosion of civil liberties garnered at least some outpouring of dissent.

See, the idea of strangers seeing my naked body or having my groin area searched isn’t my concern, although without a happy ending it does seem like something’s missing.  No, this latest clash against the TSA is part of an even greater battle: the fight against totalitarianism.

Totalitarianism is one of the biggest threats facing humankind today. If we aren’t careful, our entire world could end up enslaved to a system designed to protect us. When people have no rights and dictatorship reigns, entire segments of the population are left to suffer (see Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, or today’s North Korea.)

Body scanners aren’t the problem. Face recognition cameras on every street corner aren’t the problem. Having an orbiting satellite that can read all of our thoughts directly wouldn’t be a problem, so long as the control over said device was left open to the public. In this fight against totalitarianism, technology isn’t to blame.

The real issues emerge when we have government agencies imposing regulations with little to no accountability to the public.

If the TSA were enforcing democratically agreed upon measures, then they wouldn’t be cause for concern. Just like if the information gleaned from all the wiretapping and ubiquitous surveillance were made freely available in the public commons, then we wouldn’t be at risk of losing our freedoms.

Instead, so long as organizations like the TSA go unchallenged,  we are heading towards living under shadowy overlords ruling our every waking moment.

Modern technology can already be used quite readily be used for enslavement, putting entire populations under the control of a tiny minority. As many alarmists will attest, certain forces are working diligently to strip humankind of power with each passing moment.

Our new technology can also be a great liberator, especially when it channels the will of the people. And this is precisely what we will need to do to fight totalitarianism:

Harness the community building power of the Internet, coordinate at the speed of instant messaging, and take the power away from these secretive defense agencies and place it back squarely in the hands of the general public.

Power to the People!

Say NO to more police power and security measures!

Monday, November 8th, 2010

He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. -Benjamin Franklin

We used to have police officers with radar guns giving out tickets for going too fast. Then photo radar was discretely mounted to parked cars on the side of the road. Next up, red light cameras. Now, since the boxes were already up on the poles, we may as well have the red light cameras give out speeding tickets, too. Pretty soon, every vehicle’s GPS will be tracked, and drivers will be fined for every single infraction:

“Let’s see, Mr Piedlourde, you exceeded the speed limit four times, failed to stop at one stop sign, and didn’t signal while changing lanes. Total cost for your trip to the store: $813.00. Have a great day.”

So much for the open road, and the skies haven’t fared any better.

Thorough pat downs… sure. Take off our shoes… okay. No liquids… fine. X-ray our luggage? Hell… why not just x-ray our bodies to see us naked. Whatever you need to do, oh great and all-seeing security guard, we’ll just switch into sheeple-mode and allow ourselves to be corralled and prodded in order to reach our destinations.

And it’s not just on the streets and in the air… these escalating levels of security and authoritarian control are happening everywhere. While some of these steps may make us feel safer, few, if any, of the new regulations and precautions are actually making us significantly safer. Most of these security measures serve as security theatre, where the price of admission is nothing less than our freedom and civil liberties.

Then, if and when the shit hits the fan (as it inevitably will) and another traffic accident happens or terrorists strike, what do we do? Do we recognize the futility in attempting to eliminate all risk from life? No, we mindlessly allow our civil liberties to be eroded as we cave to what are predominantly irrational fears.

Well, the time has come to say “Enough!”. We need to define a balance between freedom and security. No more additional precautions. To hell with more police powers. Let’s draw a line in the sand- and it needs to be behind where we are now because we’ve already let it go too far!

If we don’t stand up to authoritarianism, if we keep succumbing to fear and continue to enable a system that holds an ever tightening grip over our lives, soon enough the biggest threat will no longer be speeders or airplane bombers. If this keeps up, the greatest risk to our lives will be the very system we’ve created to protect us.