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Why Aren’t Americans Ending War?

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Americans spend trillions of dollars on warfare every single year. This is an absurd amount of money to spend on anything, let alone using it to blow up your fellow humans on an industrialized scale. With that kind of cash, you could end extreme poverty the world over, give every person a home and an education, and dramatically lift the tide which raises all ships.

Ask the average person in America, and they would tell you they want the fighting to stop. The barely-adult people sent overseas to kill or be killed would sure as shit rather be home with their families and friends. And the people in Yemen and Pakistan? I imagine they could stand fewer innocents being killed by drone assassination.

The financial costs are an incredible burden, and the emotional scars would take generations to heal even if war ended this very second. The longer these large scale conflicts get prolonged, the worse off our entire world is.

So why aren’t Americans ending war? If the US people, much like the rest of us, just want to live and prosper in peace, why don’t their politicians listen to them and give them what they want?

The sad truth is that they can’t.

The entire American system has, to the detriment of the world, fallen victim to what can only be described as a parasitic entity, a beast that has been around in one form or another for thousands of years.

Whether through anesthetizing concepts like pride and security, the unfettered power of wealth, or, when all else fails, brute force, the war machine of which I speak has been able to keep countless populations within their grasp – and right now their prey is the American public.

In the United States, mainstream newsanchors all dance around the issue ending war, and ‘radical’ concepts like bringing home the troops rarely arise. Politicians are no better, for they too are in the pockets of the military industry, as made evident by a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate who intentionally escalates wars around the world.

So even when the vast majority of Americans want peace, a political system which is mostly theatre combined with a deliberate lack of guidance from the media makes it hard for the anti-war movement to gain the momentum needed to make a significant impact.

But peace-loving Americans won’t stay down for much longer. They simply cannot. Fueled by a crumbling economy, driven by global awareness, and united by social media, a multi-million person strong movement will prove more powerful than the entire military industrial complex. Or so we shall hope.

The world is changing faster than even those who sit atop can control. Unprecedented technology is causing new concepts like transparency and global solidarity to crash down on our world. As the old guard falls away, a newfound democracy is sure to bring to fruition the civilization our species has been cultivating for eons.

Automated Greenhouses – Soon to be a Reality!

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Picture a greenhouse that continually produces food all by itself, with little to no human interaction. This autonomous mechanical marvel – built from low cost materials and powered by renewable energy – could truly mean a sustainable source of fresh food all year round.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it is right now. But not for much longer. Automated greenhouses are fast becoming a reality, and these seemingly magic structures will give humankind a permanent solution to world hunger.

Consider the Horto Domi project, which aims to take the labor out of running a garden at home. Their working prototype can regulate soil and atmosphere conditions, runs on the economical Arduino micro-computer, and can be monitored remotely via web App.

So it’s not yet a magical box. But over the coming years, teams will hash out the remaining pieces of the puzzle. Atmospheric water collectors will provide all the fresh water needed to irrigate the crops. Wind and solar will provide the necessary energy to heat and run the system. The structure itself will be built from some kind of abundant material, shaped into whatever form works best. And all that will be left is to figure out how to mechanize the entire crop cycle safely and effectively.

The implications of this will be astounding! No one will be starving anywhere on the planet. Incredible, right?

If you think about all the wars and chaos in our world, so much of it is rooted directly in poverty. People in desperate situations are willing to do desperate things. When no mouth goes hungry, when everyone’s needs are met, there won’t be this fundamental drive towards violent conflict.

Automated greenhouses – and the incredible boon they’ll offer- give us one more reason to believe that world peace is just around the corner.

Canadian Cops Secretly Used “War Time” Powers During G20 Summit

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

When leaders from 20 powerful countries amassed in June for the G20 Summit, Canadians were subjected to the greatest “mass violation of civil rights… in Canadian history” according to a report released by Ontario Ombudsman André Marin.

Ontario legislators modified an antiquated war-time law from 1939 – the Public Works Protection Act, designed to protect public buildings during war times – to give the police the jurisprudence to arbitrarily search and detain protesters near their security fence. This was done without explicitly informing the public that the cops now had martial law to instill a police state surrounding the G20 summit.

Legal suppositions aside, what really happened in Toronto is that dissenting voices were quashed with riot squads serving as the muzzle.

Harper and his party shelled out over a billion taxpayer dollars for this little shindig. Thanks to the overbearing police presence, the world’s elites could relish in their luxuries safe from the scorn of the discontented masses.

While they do set a chilling precedent, the events that transpired in Toronto are far from isolated. This kind of oppression happens whenever we have leaders wielding unaccountable power. Inevitably this power will be used perpetuate a system that keeps them sitting atop, even if it means using force.

So, now we see the violence inherent in the system. COME AND SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN THE SYSTEM!

Violent Protests

Friday, October 16th, 2009

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank, much like the World Trade Organization, have a horrible track record of exploiting and further impoverishing poor countries to the benefit of the wealthy.  There is every reason to be upset with these organizations and to want to protest against them.

But what often happens, like in following video from Turkey last week, protests turn violent as riot police clash with combative dissenters.

The young people, donning faces covered in gas masks or hankerchiefs, tossing molotovs and rocks, are lashing out in their frustration at not being heard.  But what are their actions really accomplishing?

Certainly they are not conveying any sort of intelligent message.  Those in the IMF and World Bank who’ve earned the scorn of these protesters are just going to see these protesters as marginalized radicals.

The riot police who clash directly with these people… they are just doing their jobs and putting to use the training they received.  Its not like the flying rocks or home-made bombs are going to get them to change their minds about the situation, as if they will be like “Oh, you made an excellent point by lighting me on fire… I now see the error of my ways… down with the IMF!”

The owners of the property being damaged are not going to be sympathetic to the cause, either.  In fact, they will only support more police crack-downs, to protect their shops and vehicles from being looted and trashed.

As well, the mainstream media loves to protray all protestors as being wild, violent anarchists hell-bent on the destruction of civilization, and these violent demonstrations only serve to solidify these conservative points of view.

So what does violent protest accomplish?  It doesn’t further the points that those who oppose the IMF are trying to make.  Instead, it only ensures that whenever these groups meet, they will have more riot squads ready and eager to crack down and crack skulls, and more support from the public to do so.

Instead, we need to find alternatives to violent protest… peaceful demonstrations, non-violent civil disobedience, coordinating mass movements, writing/phoning our politicians.  Empower yourself.  Achieve a higher status within your community, gain the respect of your peers.  Don’t just throw rocks and molotovs… find more constructive ways to get your voice heard.

Ghandi was able to liberate an entire country without violence… you can get your point across without violence as well.