FCC Approves “Net Neutrality” in Latest Vote

“Goodbye Unfettered Internet : A deathblow was dealt to net neutrality today by the FCC…”

Fortunately these words can go back on the shelf, for now. The FCC, by a 3-2 vote, passed an Order today which includes some semblance of ensuring Internet freedom. The FCC’s latest attempt at net neutrality, however, is far from what open Internet advocates would deem adequate protection.

SavetheInternet calls the ruling “toothless“, PublicKnowledge voiced their disappointment over the FCC’s failure to stand up for consumers, and DSLreports points out how the FCC’s rules were heavily influenced by AT&T.

While the FCC’s year-long efforts do little to ensure net neutrality, they’ve at least recognized the growing number of voices advocating an open Internet. Hopefully, as more people come to recognize the importance of an unrestricted online realm, the FCC (and other Internet regulatory bodies) will cater more to what the public demands.

The human race is currently undergoing a social revolution on the global scale, and the Internet is playing a vital role in this great awakening. But the great potentials that await us could vanish should the specter of totalitarianism be allowed to descend on our precious Internet.

So keep fighting for Internet freedom – it’s a cornerstone in the fight for a free human race.

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