The Whole World is Watching Montreal

109 days. That’s how long they’ve been protesting in Montreal. Over 3 incredible months. What started out as a demonstration against an impending 80% tuition hike has now blossomed into a full-out fight for civil rights.

Now, whether you’re Canadian or an unCanuck (a term I’ve never heard used until just now), there are many great reasons you should be paying attention to what is happening in Quebec. Here’s three:

Reason 1: It’s massive. Over 400,000 people – 1/4 of Montreal’s total population – have been out in simultaneous protest.

Reason 2: It’s about more than tuition fees. The movement has always targeted the systemic corruption in government, highlighting the way powerful corporations and big business get taxpayer-funded benefits while taxpayers themselves get the shaft.

But now that Premiere Charest clumsily stifled the right to protest, the movement morphed into protecting individual liberties, saving our precious democracy, and, most importantly, sending a clear message that we will not stand idly by while civil rights get violated.

Reason 3: The Montreal uprising is just a sign of things to come. Humans everywhere on earth are undergoing a great awakening. The internet is fostering a social revolution, shifting unprecedented powers into the hands of the masses. Governments, corporations and other major institutions will prove no match for millions of coordinated humans working together in real time.

A new day is coming, where actual democracy gives everyone a voice. With this newfound solidarity we will build a more just global civilization. People will take priority over profits, cooperation will supersede competition, and a brighter, more secure future will be upon us.

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One Response to “The Whole World is Watching Montreal”

  1. Father says:

    Your point #2 isn’t clear to me. I don’t get the connection between systematic corruption and tuition fees. Are you saying that because there are dishonest corrupt people in the world that students deserve to have their tuition fees subsidized. Again, I don’t see the connection. I am from the previous generation so you won’t remember that this has all been done before. In the 1960s in Berkley CA students protested. Then, like now, there demands were vague. At one point the University was about to give in to all their demands. That scared the organizers because that would have ended reason for the protest. They refused to allow the university president to speak. They didn’t want their demands met. They just wanted to protest.


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