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Looking Ahead It’s Not Hard to be Optimistic

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Channel 4’s provocative Brave New World series, where Stephen Hawking and other prominent thinkers describe the phenomenal technologies we are in the process of unleashing, really paints a well-founded picture of the future.

And WOW! Talk about a solid dose of optimism!

Films like these just unleash the imagination, setting one free to dream about the fanciful future that is well on its way.

The world today is already awesome – the best that humans have been able to create so far. But, as long as we remain free and alive, the world we’re set to create will be even more mind-blowing.

All the more reason for us to try harder to get along now, so that we are more likely to be around to experience the splendid potentials that await us all.