The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized

It has begun: a massive leaderless uprising spanning the entire globe. Flowing out from countless faucets of freedom – each being pried open by the world’s independent struggles – will come a flood that washes away the injustices which have lingered for millennia.

For as long as they’ve persisted, there has always been brave dissenters willing to topple tyrants, yet the old power hiearchies inevitably come back. But now there’s something new, something rabble-rousers have never had in their arsenal before: it’s the Internet, and it has already proven itself a game changer.

Enforcing transparency in government, holding authorities accountable for their actions, leveraging the voice of mass movements into substantial political clout – these are all possible now thanks to technologies which didn’t exist just ten years ago.

But now they do! By harnessing what has already been unleashed, the power will forever shift into the hands of the many. This is where people power comes in. Everyday citizens – people from the 99 percent – can take action like never before to stamp out perceived injustice wherever it lies.

An epidemic of self-empowerment is set to infect the entire planet, helping humankind reclaim their political voice. Whether within a community or within a government, corruption and hypocrisy will be exposed and systematically eradicated.

As humankind rises up together, the unprecedented levels of global cooperation will dwarf today’s international powerhouses, like the WTO, IMF, and the Military Industrial Complex. Finally, the well-being of the world’s population can take priority over the sole pursuit of profits and power.

Gradually, over the next year or two, billions of people will undergo a mental switch, from scared to empowered. As each of these enlightened minds awakens to chase down their own struggle for greater freedom, the cumulative effect will steer the human race towards a more peaceful and prosperous planet.

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