War is the Business of Murder

Brave, honorable, country-serving young men and women should avoid military service at all cost unless they wish their esteemed values to be exploited by for-profit entities. Because that’s all today’s major wars are – business.

Don’t believe the lies. Freedom cannot be proliferated at gunpoint. Stirring up a bee’s nest will not make your home safer. War is not inevitable, it’s just that we haven’t done away with it yet.

Large scale armed conflicts persist because they are being willingly manufactured. War is being made constant by the people who earn extraordinary profits as long as blood is being spilled, as well as by the super-rich whose interests are secured by a world torn apart by war.

But never mind what the war-mongers and conniving oligarchs may want. The world is changing. People everywhere are achieving unprecedented levels of unity. Our common humanity is revealing itself, and showing us that we are only fighting and hurting ourselves.

Over the coming years, we aren’t going to do away with the noble sentiments that drive people towards joining the Armed Forces. Instead, we’ll work at channeling these cherished energies into constructive ends rather than allowing them to become the means for murdering fellow humans on an industrialized scale.

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