Bill Clinton Supports Occupy Movement

Add one more prominent figure throwing their support behind the Occupy Wall Street movement. This time, it’s former US President Bill Clinton, who offered his praise to the people’s uprising while answering questions at a book signing.

“I think what they’re doing is great,” Clinton said. “Occupy Wall Street has done more in the short time they’ve been out there than I’ve been able to do in more than the last eleven years trying to draw attention to some of the same problems we have to address.”

Yes! Occupy has most definitely changed the discussion. But more than that, the movement represents a huge step in the process by which humankind will reclaim control over the planet. Finally, the people are starting to unite and fight back!

For thousands of years, a small but vocal segment of the population has chimed about the persistent, institutionalized injustices. But now, as these same messages get refined and encapsulated into an easily consumed form ready for the general public, the stage is set for what keeps our global establishment’s elites up at night: the thought that dissenting ideas will go viral.

Yet this is exactly what is already happening. Now, there will be no stopping humankind from tearing down the corrupt house of cards to build up a far more just global civilization.

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