A Great Awakening

The whole world is waking up! The Internet is bringing us together, for the first time ever. This great social revolution is shifting power back into the hands of earth’s entire population, helping to foster a more just global civilization.

Here’s the content from the above video, just in case you want to read along:

A great awakening is taking place all across the world, and the implications from this transformation give great reasons to be overwhelmed with optimism.

The minds of humankind are becoming intertwined like never before, helping to foment a new global consciousness. With our world growing self-aware, we are increasingly able to feel what others are feeling and react accordingly.

On top of this, a merging of the middles has been manifesting. If we ignore the extremists who line the fringes of any group, we can see how the bulk of every community is made up of moderates, and these moderates, no matter where they come from, can non-violently co-exist with moderates from anywhere else.

With the Internet paving the path, these billions of regular people from all around the world can now amass into the most dominant force on the planet.

Revolutions in the Middle East. Corporate and government secrets exposed online. Anonymous groups fighting for freedom. All of these are just a taste of what a united and empowered population can do.

Solidarity amongst humanity will shift priorities to people and planet instead of the sole pursuit of short term profits. Working together, the world’s people can overpower today’s oligarchies, like corporations and governments, and supersede global institutions like the WTO or the World Bank.

As the balance of power shifts back into the hands of the people, authorities will be held accountable to the public, and newfound transparency in the system will ensure democratic governance around the globe.

With our common humanity revealed, we can continue to scale back our senseless defense budgets and channel these trillions of dollars into constructive ends.

We truly are on the brink of finally achieving what generations have dreamed of: ushering in a world without institutionalized war or extreme poverty. Amazing things are already well within our reach and the future is unlimited.

Dare to dream.

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One Response to “A Great Awakening”

  1. Becca says:

    Thank you for this content. It is the most uplifting, inspiriing, and optimistic spin I have read regarding the plight of our species. There is so much bad news, I hope your message is taken to heart by the citizens of the world.


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